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Welcome to FLT Academy

Are you ready to start your new adventure as a pilot? Make your dreams become reality by joining the highest-rated flight school in Utah. FLT Academy limits monthly admissions to keep our fleet of aircraft and instructor’s availability from becoming over-burdened. This ensures each student at FLT Academy has full access to their resources.

How to Enroll

In order to be considered for enrollment with FLT Academy, prospective students need to have the following in order:

  • Approval for Financing
  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Non-Owner Aviation Renters Insurance
  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Driver’s License Record
  • Valid Passport, Green Card, or Birth Certificate
  • Criminal Background History Report
  • Drug Screening Test Results (Panel 5 test or higher)

Current pilots who wish to enroll at FLT Academy should also have the following:

  • Current Pilot License
  • Most recent three pages of current logbook
Student Flight Training

When to Enroll

In order to begin flight training with FLT Academy, be sure to enroll by the 20th of the month prior to when you want to start.

Tour the Academy

Scheduling a tour of FLT Academy is an essential part of discovering what we’re about and who our students are. A tour can help prospective students learn more about what’s expected of them, and what resources are available to help them complete their flight training.


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Who is FLT Academy For?

Since FLT Academy tailors its training program to each student based on his or her personal goals, our flight school is for everyone. We accept students who are new to flying, as well as those transferring from other schools to our Utah-based program. FLT Academy is also available to assist existing pilots who want to further their training with additional ratings or licenses.

Get a feel of who we are and who’s flying with us by visiting our social media:

Program Cost

Overall costs vary based on which program or type of training you are pursuing. FLT Academy includes virtually all associated costs of training in these estimates, but there are a few things we do not include. Expenses not included in tuition include:

  • Non-owner renters insurance
  • Cost of obtaining FAA medical certificates, driving records, backgrounds checks, drug tests, and any other documentation required for enrollment
  • Optional iPad cellular data plan

Transfer students can contact FLT Academy regarding adjusted tuition based on previous flight training logs.

Types of Programs

On average, FLT Academy students take 12-15 months from start to completion if a student is enrolled full-time. Full-time is defined as 5 lessons per week. Each lesson is typically 2-3 hours of flight or ground training with their instructor. FLT Academy also offers part-time instruction to cater to student’s busy schedules.

  • Accelerated Programs
  • FLT Career Track Program to CFI
  • FLT Career Track Program FAR par 135 SIC minimums
  • Private Pilot
  • Instrument Rating
  • Commercial Pilot
  • Multi-Engine Add-On
  • Certified Flight Instructor
  • Instrument Instructor
  • Multi-Engine Instructor
Flight Practice in the air

Planes We Fly


Full glass touch screen avionics, and airframe parachute.

Diamond DA40

G1000 ADS-B in and out

Tecnam P2006T

Twin-Engine Trainer

Redbird FMX Simulator

Full motion, feature-rich Advanced Aviation Training Device.

Cessna 172SP

Aspen Glass - Garmin 750