FLT Academy is happy to announce the introduction of the Diamond DA20 to our fleet. The DA20 has set itself as a staple in initial flight training due to it’s fuel efficient engines which lead to lower training costs for students. Featuring a level of safety nearly unparalleled in smaller aircraft, it makes for an incredible flight training platform. There’s a reason the US Air Force utilizes DA20’s for phases of their initial pilot training!

DA20 Aircraft

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Technological Features

  • Two seats
  • 100hp engine
  • 5gph fuel consumption rate
  • Glass Panel Avionics


Diamond DA40 Specifications

  • 180hp Lycoming IO360M1A engine
  • Avgas 100LL fuel
  • Hartzell 2-blade propeller
  • 38-foot wingspan
  • 26.5 feet long
  • 6.5 feet tall
  • 2646lbs MTOW
  • 125 KIAS cruise speed
  • 52 KIAS stall speed
  • 910 ft/min climb rate
  • 8.2 gph fuel consumption
  • 900 lb useful load
  • 16,400 ft max operating altitude
  • 830 nm range
  • All-composite airframe
  • 142 kts TAS maximum speed

Book an Intro Flight Package

Try out this aircraft yourself with an Intro Flight package from FLT Academy. You’ll get hands-on experience behind the controls and, with low fuel consumption, it costs less to train with the SportCruiser compared to other aircraft in our fleet.