Full-motion Redbird FMX flight simulator now available at FLT Academy.


FLT Academy is excited to offer Redbird Full-Motion Flight Simulators at all of our locations. Whether you are a student looking to practice emergency procedures, or an instrument rated pilot looking to brush up on IFR flight procedures, the Redbird Full-Motion Simulator is an incredible asset at your disposal.

The Redbird FMX is a high-quality, feature-rich full motion AATD, built with real-world flight training applications in mind. With features that are anything but standard, such as wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit, reconfigurable construction, and of course a motion-capable platform, the FMX serves up a level of realism that is simply unavailable in other training devices on the market.

A great visual system is essential for a training device to be truly effective and versatile. And if you want to train complex maneuvers such as turns around a point, circling approaches or even basic pattern work, one forward looking screen is not going to cut it. That’s why Redbird FMX is equipped with six monitors dedicated only to external views. This high-quality, wrap-around visual system helps the sensation of flight and enhances training at all levels by allowing you to train procedures and maneuvers that are not possible with other flight training devices.


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