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Fulfilling the dream of becoming a pilot is easier than you think; you no longer have to let the question of how to finance your education hold you back.

FLT Academy makes paying for your dreams easy, as we’re now offering some amazing terms on a variety of financing options.

Thanks to the option to apply financing to our flight school tuition costs, your dreams of flying aren’t as unattainable or expensive as you may have imagined. And remember, getting a pilot’s license should be an investment! The returns will manifest themselves throughout the rest of your life, whether you fly as a hobby or a career.

Why Finance Flight Training?

Have you been taking a few single classes here and there to work toward becoming a pilot? Instead of dragging out your training, get it done on a more timely schedule with the help of one of FLT Academy’s financing plans. Stop waiting to make your dream a reality and finance your schooling now. 

FLT Academy’s Financing Partners

Utah’s top-rated flight school is committed to getting you the best flight instruction at the best possible price. FLT Academy partners with the following to provide financing for training:


We know financing for your education is important so you can get started right away. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to paying for FLT Academy’s flight training.

Because FLT Academy offers three different financing options for prospective pilots, the timeline may vary. It can range from one day to one week.

Everyone is eligible to apply for financing. There’s no hard credit check for the application, so FLT Academy recommends all potential students apply to see what is available to them.

Interest rates vary based on which financial service is used.

  • Meritize: Interest rate varies by application and is affected by factors such as current credit score, cosigner status, outstanding debts, and educational history.
  • Skybound: Flat 11% interest rate plus the current secured overnight financing rate (SOFR).
  • FLT Financial Services: Flat 10% interest rate.

The FLT program (Career-Track vs single rating) you wish to take will dictate the type of financing you should pursue.

You are only responsible to repay the funds used up to the point you halt your training, plus any associated fees incurred. Any unused funds at that time must be returned to the lender.

Students have up to 20 years to repay loans with Meritize and Skybound. For loans with FLT Financial Services, students must repay within three years.

As of yet, there are no tuition discounts available. However, tuition can be reduced if a student has verified, previous flight training, or has their own equipment, such as a cellular iPad or aviation headset, to use.

Depending on the type of training (Career-Track Program vs private pilot, etc…), almost everything is included in our training estimates and covered by financing. All ground schools, books & materials, aviation headset, cellular iPad, ForeFlight subscription, FAA checkride/written test fees, flight time, instructor charges, flight bag essentials, and more are all factored in! Things not covered include:

  • Fees for obtaining FAA First Class Medical Certificate
  • Fees for obtaining Criminal Background History Report
  • Fees for obtaining Driver’s License record
  • Fees for drug screening test
  • Non-Owner Aviation Renters Insurance
  • iPad cellular data plan

Each student has an account with Flight Schedule Pro. From that dashboard, all financing can be tracked, right down to where every penny has been spent on flight training.


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