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Finance Your Aviation Dreams With Stratus Financial

Stratus Financial

FLT Academy is teaming up with Stratus Financial to help you achieve your goals of becoming a pilot.

A Partnership For Sky-High Dreams

Stratus Financial works hand-in-hand with flight schools like us to provide students with the financing they need to become a pilot. In partnering with FLT Academy, we’ll finance all trainings, test/check rides, and accommodations needed for the course you choose.*

Loan Options

Option 1

15 Year Term

Variable rate
1 year deferred payment
13 years principle/interest

Option 2

15 Year Term

Variable rate
2 year interest only
13 year principle/interest

Option 3

15 Year Term

Variable rate
15 year principle/interest

Option 4

10 Year Term

Variable rate
1 year interest only
9 year principle/interest

Option 5

15 Year Term

Fixed rate
15 year principle/interest

Student Requirements

Before we can approve your loan, here are a few requirements to ensure your loan is approved:

Loan Process

Our loan process is straightforward and quick so you can start your pilot training as soon as possible!

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Pilot Training


We know financing for your education is important so you can get started right away. Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to paying for FLT Academy’s flight training.

We base our loan approval on the merit of the borrower and co-borrower (eg, friends, siblings, parents). Here’s what we look at:

  • FICO score
  • Current income while in flight school
  • Assets

We can consider 2 out of 3 of these factors depending on the borrower’s financial capacity.

We do initial underwriting within 1-2 hours. If all documents required are submitted to us, we process and prepare the final loan documents within one (1) day. We fund the loan within three (3) business days after all parties have signed the loan documents.

You may repay the loan in whole or in part without penalty.

We only require applicants complete the loan application form to apply. Once you have filled it out, we would determine if the information you provided would require you to have a co-borrower to qualify.

Stratus Financial pays directly to your school.


Don’t let funding stop you from reaching for the sky. Sign up for financing from Stratus Financial, and start pursuing your dream of becoming a pilot today!

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*Rate depends on credit. Origination fee required once fully approved.
**if non-US Citizen, TSA verification required