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Estimated Completion Time:

10-12 months

Estimated Cost:


Class Commitment:

5 flights/lessons per week minimum

Designed to meet flight experience requirements for Part 135 operations.
No other flight school in Utah offers a structured experience-building course like the FLT Academy 0-500 Hour Program. The program is unique and was built specifically to accommodate people who have different goals than the traditional flight student. If you’re looking for the most time and cost-effective route to non-airline flight options, this program is for you!

Program Requirements

Minimum Completion Requirements



The FLT Academy 0-500 Hour Program is a comprehensive flight training program designed to equip aspiring pilots with the necessary skills and knowledge to obtain their private pilot certificate, instrument rating, commercial pilot certificate, and multi-engine rating. The program is ideal for individuals who want to complete their flight training but do not necessarily want to pursue flight instruction as a career path. 

The program is divided into several training phases, with each phase building on the skills learned in the previous phase. Students will start with ground school, where they will learn the basics of aviation, including aerodynamics, weather, regulations, and navigation. They will then move on to flight training, where they will receive hands-on training in a variety of aircraft, including single and multi-engine planes. 

Once students have completed the required flight hours and passed their exams, they will be able to fly solo until they reach 500 hours of total flight time. At this point, they will be eligible for a wide range of aviation careers, including Part 135 operators and other commercial aviation jobs. 

The FLT Academy 0-500 Hour Program is led by experienced and highly qualified flight instructors who are committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for their students. The program utilizes state-of-the-art training equipment and resources, including flight simulators and electronic flight bags, to ensure that students receive the most effective and up-to-date training available.

The training phases of the 0-500 Hour Program take approximately 10 months to complete. Upon completion of the training phases, the remaining time to reach 500 hours of flight time is dependent on how often a student is able to fly.

Aviation career
aerial photography


FLT Academy’s 0-500 Hour Program allows students to forego their flight instructor certificates and pursue additional flight time to meet Part 135 flight operation minimum requirements.  Although 500 hours is the minimum legal flight experience required for Part 135 operations, many other flight careers share this requirement.  Upon reaching 500 hours of total flight experience, students will meet the minimum requirements for many different flight opportunities including but not limited to charter flight operations!


No other flight school in Utah offers a structured experience-building course like the FLT Academy 0-500 Hour Program.  The program is unique and was built specifically to accommodate people who have different goals than the traditional flight student.  If you’re looking for the most time and cost-effective route to non-airline flight options, this program is for you!


Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler
I really love the structure and support that FLT Academy offers. Great program and great staff.
Don Wood
Don Wood
I took it as a refresher with my student pilot son . I've been flying about 54 years and it was well worth it.
Charlotte Fowers
Charlotte Fowers
Great people
Devin Maxfield
Devin Maxfield
You won’t find a better place to get your training! Everyone at FLT has been extremely professional and have been as motivated as I am to complete every stage. I was one of the people that has been interested in aviation my whole life and just never took the plunge to do it. Take my word that making that leap with FLT Academy was the best decision I’ve made! My only regret was not doing it 10 years ago. But thanks to FLT I will have a long and enjoyable career doing what I love! I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Weston Christiansen
Weston Christiansen
My personal experience with FLT Academy so far has been beyond amazing. I just want to point out how careful and thorough these guys are. I had my FLT orientation class today and it is amazing to see how much care and planning went into just this, and to have the opportunity to meet with Jason (CEO) and meet his incredible staff. I have heard rumors that FLT is the best of the best and from what I have seen so far, I believe that to be true.
Fine Vanisi
Fine Vanisi
I’ve been working with Joseph. He’s been very helpful and is always available to answer my questions and provide guidance.
Caden Kister
Caden Kister
I won't be a student for 3 or so years. So I went in to see what they had to offer and for some general advice on a career path. They were extremely helpful and experienced. I will be going here in the future.
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
So far it’s been pretty good! They are organized and so kind here! They really want to help you succeed and will give you the help you need!


Sure, here are answers to the frequently asked questions about FLT Academy's 0-500 Hour program:

Because a student is opting out of the Certified Flight Instructor programs, they will need to cover the cost of their additional flight time out of their own pocket.  Factoring in all the preliminary training and subsequent solo flight time-building, you can anticipate an approximate cost of $130,000 – $145,000.

The 0-500 Hour Program is designed to fulfill the minimum flight experience required to work as Second in Command (co-pilot) for Part 135 operations.  Other than Part 135 operations, many aviation positions share this requirement for pilot qualifications as well.  MedEvac, aerial survey/photography, charter flights, and many more opportunities are available!

FLT Academy’s minimum training standard is three flights per week on the less-accelerated program and five flights per week on the accelerated program.

We are very flexible with the routes our students can fly!  Short local flights or longer cross-country flights are fine!  Create a flight plan, have it approved by one of our chief pilots, and enjoy the skies!

Some people know they do not wish to pursue flight instruction as a means to continue building their hours.  Even though this program comes at a higher cost, it allows aviators an alternative route to continue flying, build their experience, and qualify for positions with higher entry requirements.


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