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About FLT Academy

Utah's top Aviation School

A step above the rest in safety and instruction.

At FLT, we engage and support students in their flight training, ultimately leading to meaningful employment in the aviation industry.

FLT Academy strives to be a model for inclusive and transformative education, strengthening not just the Wasatch Front aviation community, but those that reach outside Utah as well.

Who is Behind FLT Academy?

Experienced, Dedicated Instructors

Any flight school is only as good as its instructors. When seeking flight instruction, it’s important to consider the following:

  • What is the instructor-to-student ratio of the academy?
  • Is my instructor properly certified?
  • Does my instructor have prior experience?
  • Will my instructor be available when I need them?

At FLT Academy, we focus on quality instruction. We maintain an instructor-to-student ratio between 1:4 and 1:5 and only invite those to the team who have a wealth of experience and carry all the necessary certifications, recency, and proficiency. The time and resources we invest in our team members speak to our level of commitment to students and their future success. As one of the nation’s top flight schools, FLT Academy is dedicated to delivering world-class instruction to each student.

Meet the FLT Team

FLT Academy staff and instructors don’t just state our values; we live them through dedicated, collective effort. Our values ground our future endeavors and help us realize our mission of being an open-access, comprehensive school. We’re committed to transferring our students from their educational experience to their professional one.

Jason Clark, CEO

Jason Clark

Chief Executive Officer, Pilot
Tucker Marriott, COO

Tucker Marriot

Chief Operating Officer, Instructor
Mark Faerber

Mark Faerber

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Gertsch

Chief Flight Instructor

Korey Barber

Human Resources & Financial Aid

Sara Caruso

Crew Scheduling & Dispatch

Bernie Brainich

Crew Scheduling & Dispatch

Joseph Parker

Program Advisor & Enrollment Manager
Maeson Busk

Maeson Busk

Woods Cross Assistant Chief Pilot
Andrew Hackford

Andrew Hackford

Spanish Fork Assistant Chief Pilot

FLT Academy Values

Learning – We believe learning is dynamic and evolutionary for both students and FLT Academy. We continually challenge ourselves to grow and develop our programs, learning environment, and skills to introduce highly educated pilots to the airline industry.

Professionalism – We believe in mutual respect, integrity in all we do, transparency, and accuracy of communication.

Collaboration – We believe we are better when we work together.

Community – We partner with the aviation community to provide our students with the highest quality educational courses, in turn preparing students for a career in aviation.

Inclusivity – We seek to cultivate an environment of respect and empathy, advanced by diverse cultures and perspectives.

Efficiency – We continually strive to find a balance between content, time, cost, and the value provided to the student.

Innovation – We value fresh thinking and encourage the energy of new ideas and initiatives.

Integrity – We seek to do the right thing all the time and provide unbridled service to our students.

Safety – We believe safety in the classroom and all stages of flight training is paramount and that it is not acceptable to sacrifice safety for profit.

Trust – We build trust by working together in good faith and goodwill to fulfill the school’s mission.

aerial photography

FLT Academy – Utah’s Preferred Flight Training

Do you have aspirations to become a professional pilot? Our team of experienced aviation professionals and fleet of 50+ aircraft span the Wasatch Front with locations in Woods Cross and Spanish Fork.

These locations have helped write hundreds of success stories, placing once-new students in professional careers. If you have an interest in obtaining any aviation training, or are seeking a career track program, we welcome you to come in for a consultation.

Choosing the Right Flight School

At the end of the day, a good flight academy lends you the tools you need to achieve your goals as painlessly and safely as possible.

At each FLT Academy aviation school, we offer the right tools and prioritize safety for our students who are looking for the best flight training experience to kickstart their dream careers. We strive to offer not just the best flight training in Utah, but the safest. Come see for yourself what puts FLT a step above the rest.

Safety is Our Priority

FLT Academy’s #1 priority is safety. Without safe instruction and training, FLT Academy can’t succeed.

All of our airplanes are held to the strictest safety standards and are regularly maintained to both meet and exceed FAA requirements. Our maintenance is done in-house by a team of Utah’s best aircraft mechanics. In-house maintenance ensures that we can hold the strictest tolerances on parts.

Each plane is inspected at least every 50 flight hours to ensure safe operations. All flight instructors go through weekly training to ensure safe, quality instruction. FLT Academy operates a Safety Management System (SMS) to ensure every branch of FLT Academy is being continually monitored for progress in safety.

Our SMS includes different programs that are designed to identify, address, and prevent potential problems. Current safety programs at FLT Academy include the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP), and Safety Concern Reporting (SCR).

Let’s get your career off the ground

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