Safety is our first priority.

Yes, even above you becoming a professional pilot – our first priority is safety.

It’s simple. We don’t skimp on safety.

All of our airplanes are held to the strictest safety standards and are regularly maintained to both meet and exceed FAA requirements. Our maintenance is done in-house by a team of over 7 of Utah’s best aircraft mechanics. In-house maintenance ensures that we can hold the strictest tolerances on parts. Each plane is inspected at least every 50 hours to insure safety and safe operations. All flight instructors go through weekly training to insure quality of instruction. FLT Academy operates a SMS (Safety Management System) to insure every branch of FLT Academy is being continually monitored for continued progress in safety. Our SMS includes different programs that are designed to identify, address and prevent potential problems. Current safety programs at FLT Academy include the Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP),and Safety Concern Reporting (SCR).

Ready to start flying?

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