How To Make Your Dreams Take Flight With FLT Academy’s Financing Options

Thanks to FLT Academy financing for flight school, your dreams of flying are within reach. Getting an education of any kind is an investment in yourself, and flight training is no exception. So, what are the options for financing flight school in Utah?

How to Pay for Flight School

At FLT Academy, we partner with the following institutions to provide financing for flight school:

With each financing program option, we aim to encourage students to go after their goal of becoming a certified pilot or flight instructor.

Should You Finance Your Education?

Not everyone can pay cash for their education, and that’s understandable! The commitment can be substantial, and we know it’s not common to have that much cash available to pay for tuition upfront. 

Thankfully, your options with FLT Academy can get you approved and in flight school in as soon as one day. Depending on which route you go, you could be enrolled before you know it.

Who’s Eligible for Flight School Financing?

At FLT Academy, every prospective student is eligible to apply with Meritize, ZuntaFi Skybound, or Stratus Financial. For students pursuing our Career-Track program, we recommend exploring all three options for your financing to see which lender provides you with the best loan option. ZuntaFi Skybound and Stratus Financial will approve students who are pursuing single-ratings, such as private pilot and instrument.

Meritize is only for students pursuing career training programs, or single ratings beyond the commercial pilot certificate.

As a private flight school, FLT Academy is eligible for private student loans as well, much like you would if you were applying to university. Approval for these loans is at the discretion of the lender, such as a bank or credit union. 

Whether you choose one of FLT Academy’s options or a private student loan, be sure to familiarize yourself with the fees, loan terms, repayment terms, and any prepayment penalties that apply to the type of loan you choose.

Do I Get a Better Interest Rate if I Finance Through FLT Academy’s Partners?

A private student loan can come with a whopping 17% interest rate. Of course, private loan interest rates are always subject to change and can vary based on an applicant’s financial history, so it’s important to do your research and find the best fit for you.

The rates available through our providers can also vary, as they’re influenced by your current credit score, whether or not there’s a cosigner and any current outstanding debts. Here’s what you can expect when it comes to interest rates for flight school loans:

  • Meritize: Rates vary depending on the applicant.
  • Skybound: Flat, 11% interest rate, plus a secured overnight financing rate (SOFR).
  • Stratus Financial: Rates vary depending on the applicant.

In addition to flat interest rates, you can also pay off loans early without penalty so you pay more toward the principal vs interest. Some of our options also allow you to defer payments while you’re currently in school, which can be helpful so you’re not having to work full-time while you focus on your flight education.

What’s Covered by FLT Academy’s Financing Options?

When you use one of our flight training financing partners to fund your flight school education, all your costs of FLT Academy training are covered! You can apply your tuition assistance to the following:

  • Aviation headset
  • Books and materials
  • Cellular iPad
  • FAA Checkride and written test fees
  • Flight bag essentials
  • Flight time
  • ForeFlight subscription
  • Ground schooling
  • Instructor charges

There are additional fees that will be paid out-of-pocket by students, which include:

  • Criminal Background History report fees
  • Driver’s License Record fees
  • Drug Test fees
  • FAA First Class Medical Certificate fees
  • iPad cellular data plan
  • Non-Owner Aviation Renters Insurance

And while there aren’t any tuition discounts available, it is possible to reduce what’s owed based on any previous verified flight lessons you’ve had and any of the equipment you already own and bring with you to FLT Academy. Be sure to talk to an advisor today to inquire about amending your tuition and getting financed today.

Other Options for Affording Flight School

As mentioned, we know it’s not feasible for everyone to pay upfront or cash for pilot training. But if you are in a position to do so, we do accept personal payments, i.e. recurring tuition payments from your personal account. 

Other resources for funding flight school:

Scholarships or Grants

Did you know there are scholarships available for aviation training? Usually, these grants or scholarships are merit-based, which means they depend on academics or other criteria for eligibility. Here are a few options to research to see if they apply to your training program:

Get Started Today

If you dream of becoming a pilot, make those dreams come true today! Learn to fly without worrying about how to afford the various pilot programs and accelerated training available at FLT Academy. 

We welcome your questions about flight school financing and encourage you to get in touch with one of our advisors today. Whether you want to fly as a hobby or your career, we’re here to help.