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Tired of the Mundane? Looking for a Career Change? Become a Commercial Pilot!

There is a misconception people have that becoming a pilot is a decision one must make early on in life. However, this definitely isn’t the case. Plenty of commercial pilots around the country joined the field because they decided to make a career change.

At FLT Academy, our students are able to accomplish their dreams of a job in aviation in as little as 15 months, with both financing and tuition reimbursement programs available.

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    Why Make the Jump to Become a Pilot

    • Airline pilots are in high demand; a demand that continues to grow. The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that the overall employment for commercial pilots is projected to grow 13% over the next decade, faster than the average of any other occupation.
    • Competitive salaries offset education costs. The investment to become a pilot is a mental hurdle that people have, but 1 year of educational training is a small barrier to a job where the average airline pilot salary is over $73k per year.
    • Airline benefits are some of the best. Airlines are known for providing excellent benefits to their employees, from call center personnel to gate agents. These benefits obviously extend to pilots, since every airline is striving to attract the best talent.
    • Travel the world. Commercial pilots get to see cities around the country and throughout the world. It basically comes with the job. Even when you aren’t traveling to new places for work, airlines offer flight benefits that allow pilots and other airline personnel and their family to fly for free during their days off.
    • Changes of scenery. If the mundane routine has caused you to question your current career, look no further. With a career in aviation the scenery, destinations, and flight crews change with every flight you make, thus making a career in aviation more rewarding.

    Why Choose FLT Academy

    • Top-notch instructors set you up for success. FLT Academy has an 83% first-pass rate on all certifications.
    • Maximize your time. Become a licensed commercial pilot in as little as 12 months, and with up to 60 fewer flight hours through FLT Academy’s Part 141 options. Accelerated training programs are available.
    • Make the financials work. Financing is available at great rates through organizations like Skybound, Meritize, and FLT Financial Services.
    • Make your next employer pay for your education. Tuition reimbursement of up to $17,500 is available through SkyWest Airlines.
    • Learn with a variety of aircraft. Our fleet at FLT Academy is always growing, and currently holds over 40 aircraft that enable us to train our students with a variety of different equipment and situations.

    What Our Students Say


    – Ethan R.

    “There are some awesome instructors here that I feel privileged to of been able to fly with and learn from. They have a good variety of planes and I had the chance to learn to fly all of them which was a great experience. They have built a management system that pushes students to excel and to achieve their goals as fast and efficiently as possible. … Highly recommend this school.”


    – Scott N.

    “I am so grateful I committed to my career path and training with FLT academy. After a few months researching flight schools in my area it was a clear choice to sign on with FLT academy.”


    – Nicole A.

    “Greatly skilled trustworthy people Superb state of the art equipment. Definitely one of the best places in the country to receive Flight training.I have seen a lot and this place is the best!They care about you achieving your Aviation goals and don’t just take your money like some of the others out there. If it weren’t so I wouldn’t post it publicly.”