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Commercial Pilot Training Program

Military and first responders

Completion Time:

Approximately 3 years

Program Requirements

Minimum Completion Requirements


Since 2012, FLT Academy has been the largest flight school in Utah and helped thousands of students to achieve their pilot career goals. FLT Academy is honored to support military personnel and first responders in achieving their aviation education and career goals.

What Is Our Career Track Program?

FLT Academy helps military and first responders to analyze their current needs, wants, and desired outcomes. We provide a customized program with the intent of aligning it to their anticipated goals of career change or retirement.

FLT Academy has the ability to enroll US military and first responder students in a series of individual ratings, in lieu of a full/part time career track program, thus allowing for more flexibility with work commitments. With the timeline being only rating-by-rating, the estimated time to finish the program is three years. It is being designed so that military and first responders can train during the last few years at their current career and transition to aviation asap upon retiring from the military or active service first-responders.


  • FLT Academy waives the enrollment and book fees, with proof of service, in recognition of military and first responders service
  • Online, live ground school instruction
  • One-on-one in-person flight training with an instructor
  • Flights scheduled via an online program to ensure availability


Rhett Butler
Rhett Butler
I really love the structure and support that FLT Academy offers. Great program and great staff.
Don Wood
Don Wood
I took it as a refresher with my student pilot son . I've been flying about 54 years and it was well worth it.
Charlotte Fowers
Charlotte Fowers
Great people
Devin Maxfield
Devin Maxfield
You won’t find a better place to get your training! Everyone at FLT has been extremely professional and have been as motivated as I am to complete every stage. I was one of the people that has been interested in aviation my whole life and just never took the plunge to do it. Take my word that making that leap with FLT Academy was the best decision I’ve made! My only regret was not doing it 10 years ago. But thanks to FLT I will have a long and enjoyable career doing what I love! I promise you won’t be disappointed!
Weston Christiansen
Weston Christiansen
My personal experience with FLT Academy so far has been beyond amazing. I just want to point out how careful and thorough these guys are. I had my FLT orientation class today and it is amazing to see how much care and planning went into just this, and to have the opportunity to meet with Jason (CEO) and meet his incredible staff. I have heard rumors that FLT is the best of the best and from what I have seen so far, I believe that to be true.
Fine Vanisi
Fine Vanisi
I’ve been working with Joseph. He’s been very helpful and is always available to answer my questions and provide guidance.
Caden Kister
Caden Kister
I won't be a student for 3 or so years. So I went in to see what they had to offer and for some general advice on a career path. They were extremely helpful and experienced. I will be going here in the future.
Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson
So far it’s been pretty good! They are organized and so kind here! They really want to help you succeed and will give you the help you need!


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